Thursday, November 09, 2017

and more...

and more...

You are about to be inundated....

My kids

We just got our yearly pics done, and once again, my friend Jenn did NOT disappoint!! Here's a couple teasers!! Oh my word I love the little (getting BIG) people!!

Like a boss

Bennett's first trip to the dentist...I'd say he did well!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Ode to October

Let’s see if I can recap the pics...a sweet little kitty came for a day and a half to our front porch and the kids loved it!!    Bennett and I took a little field trip with some friends to a local farm...and he smiled ear to ear most of the fun!!  I bought the boys matching shirts and Bryce even agreed to wear them together!  Oh I just love it!!  And Finley and the dog...he’s been sporting a black eye for the past couple weeks because of a “wrestling” incident with the dog...he does love him, as do all the kids, which I’m thankful...and Finley is a good sport as well...all 70-80 puppy pounds of him!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wait...there's more

Third generation hikers...from 3 families, 6 kids...we now have 14 kids. (A few missing here...)

The brick at the bottom is a bit hard to see, but we did this for my parents a couple years sits out in front of the lodge...
Jon & Jill Farrey
Years of fall fun
Columbus Day camping
Since 1978